Jul 24
Half-Life [$1.99/slot] Counter-Strike [$1.99/slot] Deathmatch Classic [$1.99/slot] Team Fortress 2 [$1.99/slot] Half-Life 2:Deathmatch [$1.99/slot] Garry's Mod [$1.99/slot] Quake 3 Arena [$1.99/slot]
Team Fortress Classic [$1.99/slot] Counter-Strike:Condition Zero [$1.99/slot] Day of Defeat [$1.99/slot] Counter-Strike:Source [$1.99/slot] Day of Defeat:Source [$1.99/slot] Black Mesa [$1.99/slot] Quake 4 [$1.99/slot]
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for service?
In addition to PayPal subscription services we also accept all cryptocurrencies listed at www.bittrex.com. Contact us if you would like to use a currency not listed at Bittrex.

Server Setup Time
Upon submitting your order and payment cleared through PayPal, we will start your server setup. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on when you order.

After purchase of a new server...
Once we receive your payment we will start your server as soon as possible. Once your server is started, we will send you an email confirming your server, which will also contain any required info such as FTP info, RCON passwords, and any instructions you may need.

How do I configure my server?
Each server comes with full FTP access where you can add custom files or edit configs.

Installing Mods on my server
We will install mods such as AMXX or MetaMod on your Half-Life server upon your request. You may also install mods yourself, however, we don't offer any support for third-party mods such as AMXX. You are free to install any mod on your server that does not use too many resources. If you notice your server lagging, disable some mods as this is most likely the cause. If your server is causing lag problems to other customers, we will be forced to ask you to disable the mod.

How to I reboot my server?
It depends on the chosen game. It's usually as simple as "rcon quit". If for some reason, your server is not responding, contact us and we can restart it for you.

Multiple FTP Accounts
If you would like to have someone else be able to access the FTP without knowing your info, you can have up to 5 additional FTP accounts. Past 5, there is a fee of $1.00/month per account.

Can I get a refund?
You can only get a refund of the first month on your server within the first 3 days. This is part of our 3 day money back guarantee. After 3 days you must keep the server for the remainder of the month.

How do I cancel service?
To cancel service, all you have to do is login to your PayPal account and go to the Subscriptions section. There you will find your subscription with us, simply cancel the subscription and your server will be terminated at the end of the month. Please be sure that you cancel your subscription at least 48 hours before the next months payment is due to prevent getting billed for a month you don't want. Cancelling your subscription through PayPal is the only way to cancel, please do not contact us with cancel requests.

Can I change the game running on my server?
You may change it by emailing support.

Do I worry about Steam updates on my Server?
No, you don't have to update your Steam server. We run routine checks to make sure all servers are up to date. If there is a very recent Steam update, please allow us at least 12 hours to fully update all servers. Service shouldn't be interrupted.

Did we miss something?
If you still have a question after reading through this FAQ page, please contact us for further support. Thank you