Half-Life [$1.99/slot] Team Fortress Classic [$1.99/slot]
    Counter-Strike [$1.99/slot] Counter-Strike:Condition Zero [$1.99/slot]
    Deathmatch Classic [$1.99/slot] Day of Defeat [$1.99/slot]
    Team Fortress 2 [$1.99/slot] Counter-Strike:Source [$1.99/slot]
    Half-Life 2:Deathmatch [$1.99/slot] Day of Defeat:Source [$1.99/slot]
    Garry's Mod [$1.99/slot] Black Mesa [$1.99/slot]
    Quake 3 Arena [$1.99/slot] Quake 4 [$1.99/slot]
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Micron Gaming: Game-Server Hosting

Our Network

We currently offer game and voice servers in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Dallas.

Bandwidth providers at all locations include: InterNAP, Level(3), Savvis, and Global Crossing.

Atlanta, GA
Bandwidth: InterNAP
Test IP:
Chicago, IL
Bandwidth: InterNAP
Philadelphia, PA
Bandwidth: InterNAP
Test IP:
Seattle, WA
Bandwidth: Savvis/Level(3)
Dallas, TX
Bandwidth: InterNAP